The Mystic Reef makes owning a dream aquarium easy, we can do everything from show you the ropes to completely maintaining and adding new livestock. From small nano tanks to showstopping displays, residential or commercial, we set up and maintain aquariums all over Riverside & the Inland Empire.

Whether you need us to plumb your new tank, add on equipment, change lamps, clean pumps, or any other aquarium service, you can count on The Mystic Reef's respected reputation to provide you with first class service and know-how.

Our experience in the aquarium industry, as well as at our coral farm, ensures that not only will the animals you choose to put in your tank survive, but thrive and grow.

We custom design systems to accomodate any need or desire, whether that desire is to keep corals, aggressive fish, seahorses, sharks, rays, cephalopods, freshwater planted, discus, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. We manufacture custom aquarium stands designed to match interior decor with wood or steel frames. We carry all the supplies to set up a tank the right way, including Tru-union valves, Bulkheads, Union and barb fittings, and more!!

Quotes available upon request, and typically are based on an hourly rate depending on service. Call us at (951) 727-8332 or e-mail us at sales@themysticreef.com for more information. Stop by today!!



  -Custome Design & Installation

         Costome Tanks, Glass, Acrylic, Low-Iron "Starphire" Glass

         Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

         In-Wall & Room Dividers

         Propagation System & "Frag Tanks"

         Eurobraced and "Rimless" Designs Available


  -Tank Aquascaping

  -Equipment Installation


         Protien Skimmers

         Calcium Reactors


         UV Sterilizers

         Light Systems


Tank Moves

-Room to Room moving for new carpet, remodels, etc...

-Local Moves

-Livestock Housing Available

Service Plans

-Freshwater, Saltwater Fish-Only or Reef Systems

-Weekly, Monthly, or Bi-Monthly

-Water Testing and Supplementation Plans

-We can help you establish a dosing regimen or do it for you!!!

Tank & Tune-Ups

-Have you been neglecting your tank for a while? It's time for a Tank Tune-Up to get things running smoothly again! We can overhaul your tank and do all the things you dislike, don't know how, or don't have time for like:

-Pump & Impeller cleanings (including powerheads & Skimmers) Recommended Cleaning: Every 6-9 Months

-Bulb changes & Reflector cleaning Recommended Change: Every 8 to 16 months depending on bulb type

-Comprenhensive cleaning of algae, rockwork, plumbing, equipment, overflows, salt-creep, etc..